"Smooth Roads Ahead"

     The Poor Boys Grader is the most efficient, cost effective dirt road maintenance implement ever created. The Grader’s innovative design combines the efficient versatility of a standard rock rake with the hydraulic rotational control capabilities of a road grader. The secret to the Grader’s effectiveness is the swiveling teeth design. Each heavy duty spring steel rake tooth stays perpendicular to the road surface—in any angled position!  A hand-held hydraulic control system allows the operator to adjust the rake height and tilt angles with the touch of a button without ever having to leave the comfort and safety of the tow vehicle.

     The Poor Boys Grader removes the larger rocks from the road surface and fills in potholes at the same time. Once dislodged, the larger rocks are swept to the edge of the road while gravel and dirt are sifted through the rake teeth, leaving a smooth surface behind. The Grader has a perfect weight balance and is equipped with strong hydraulic cylinders. This creates significant pressure on the rake teeth and gives the Grader the ability to smooth out the bumpy and washboard roadways that standard landscape rakes simply bounce over.

     Although the Poor Boys Grader is not a traditional road grader, it can perform many of the road maintenance functions of a road grader at a fraction of the operating expense. The Poor Boy’s Grader can be made street legal with very little modification and can be safely towed to 65 m.p.h. using a standard 4WD pickup truck. This dramatically reduces the amount of time it takes to get from the garage to the jobsite. Once on-site, any operator who can drive a pickup can operate the Poor Boys Grader! No need to hire a skilled road grader operator. And when considering maintenance costs and overall reliability, the Poor Boys Grader proves to be just too efficient to be without..

     The Poor Boys Grader is available in standard rake sizes of 8’6” and 10’ or custom lengths between 7’-12’ and can be outfitted with a variety of optional safety warning lights and signs that allow you to put it to work the day it arrives. Call today to schedule an on-site demonstration or to receive a free DVD of the Poor Boys Grader in action as it performs road maintenance in a wide variety of roadway conditions.




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